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Whitewater Rafting Trips in Jackson Hole

Mad River Boat Trips is a river outfitter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Offering whitewater trips and scenic floats daily during the summer since 1977, Mad River is your ticket to exploring the wild and scenic Snake River. Early in the nineteenth century, a group of trapper explorers were the first to investigate the stretch of the Snake River below Jackson Hole. Deciding at the time that it was far too treacherous to boat, they called it "The Mad River". The boats may have changed over the years, but here at Mad River, the passion for adventure remains the same. The Snake River in Jackson Hole has been classified as a class I-III river, meaning that you can enjoy anything from a flatwater scenic float in the north, to exciting whitewater rapids in the Snake River Canyon to the south.

“Service exceeded expectations. Professional staff, equipment was in good shape, including rental suits/booties. Informative guide, open to questions especially from the kids.”

Debbie from California

Professional. Passionate. Skilled.

And sometimes...a little crazy

Here at Mad River, our job is to keep you safe while showing you a great time on the Snake River. All of our guides undergo rigorous training before handling their own boat on the river. This includes a week-long, intensive guide school, out of which we hand-pick only the best guides, a minimum of twenty shadows with an experienced guide and a three day whitewater rescue course that earns each guide an internationally recognized certification as a whitewater rescue technician. Our guides also hold the required CPR and First Aid certifications. Rest assured, your safety is our number one priority. Take a moment to meet the Mad River "Family". We work together, we play together and we all share a love of the river. Everyone has a little something special they bring to the table, (some more special than others), but our goal is to show you a good time and share a little bit of our passion for the Snake River with you. Read more about us!