Mad River Guide School

Snake River Canyon, Wyoming - $395.00 (Scholarship Available)

Here at Mad River we take pride in the fact that our guides are highly trained in whitewater rafting and safety skills, as well as professionalism on the river. Every spring we offer a five-day guide school taught on the Snake River. This class is designed to teach individuals basic whitewater skills. Although this class is tailored for those individuals seeking employment, it is a great course for anyone wishing to learn the basics of whitewater rafting.

The skills covered during this week will include the following: Introduction to boat navigation with oars & paddles, safety skills on the river, hydrology and boat maintenance.

Guide school is largely a hands-on learning environment. Some class time is spent at the Mad River Wedge, our boathouse, but the majority of time will be spent in the Snake River Canyon on the Snake River.

If you are interested in participating in guide school, please apply online using our GUIDE SCHOOL APPLICATION. If you are interested in working at Mad River, please don't forget to fill out the EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION as well.

River Rescue Technician

Certified by Rescue3 International - $250.00

River Rescue Certification is a dynamic, fast moving course specifically written and designed for river professionals. Basic river skills are a prerequisite. There is an emphasis on identifying hazards and on rescue itself; both of self and others. This course is suited for both professional boaters and recreational boaters.

This course meets all agency Swiftwater Rescue certification requirements for river guides and kayakers. For other Rescue3 International Swiftwater Rescue courses focusing on professional rescue (Search and Rescue, EMS, Military or other rescue groups) please call us to schedule a course, 307-413-3925.

River Rescue Technician/Wilderness First Aid (RECERTIFICATION COURSE)
River Rescue Technician/Wilderness First Aid (FULL COURSE)
If you would like to participate in a River Rescue Technician Course only, without the Wilderness First Aid certification, this is possible and the cost is $250/person. Please call 307-413-3925 to schedule a course.

To participate in any of the courses offered, please contact KC Bess, the Operations Manager at Mad River at 307-413-3925. If you would like to schedule an additional course for 8 or more participants in Jackson or another location, please contact us at 307-413-3925.